I had the pleasure to work on Califia's first animation. 
This time, we team up with the amazing set design & stop-motion artists and create a stylized paper world.
Produced at chrlx, 2016. 
 ✎  Behind The Scene  ✎  
✎   Credits   ✎
Agency: Erwin Penland
Production Company: CHRLX
Director: Ryan Dunn
Producer: Lori Fechter
DP: Noah Fowler
Art Director: Taili Wu
Lead Animator: Pete List
Animators: Taili Wu, Zach Williams
Fabricators: Junko Shimizu, Taili Wu, Zach Williams, Anthony Ferrara
Post-Production Company: CHRLX
Executive Producer: Corey Budro
Producer: Jess Pierik
Creative Director: Anthony Ferrara
Compositor: Anthony Ferrara
Flame Artist: Mike Mendizibal
Storyboard Artist: Tory Sica
Editor: John Zawisha
Sound Designer/Mixer: Mike Jansson
ECD: Ryan Dunn
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