Everybody's Carousel
Everybody's carousel is an ongoing project begins in the summer 2014 after visiting my family & friends in Taiwan. 

The trip took me back to some places that I used to go as a child, such as grandma’s favorite salon and candy store, traditional market(on the street), bus station in hometown, school and some places I loved as a kid. Among them, those kids toy arcade machine (those in front of clinic & stores or in the mall- toy car/plane/creature that move after inserting coins) are one of my favorite. It gets harder to fit in to one of those arcade machine after growing up. So here comes the bigger version of that, carousel.

We all have the naive side of ourselves, sometimes or often we forgot about them. I believe if one look at things with a kids-like attitude(I mean the fresh eyes like finding a new land or invention), things will be so much fun and surprising. 

With helps from Ryan & Noah on the story, this piece became more concrete as a moving piece. The goal for this project is to make a short film sharing a story of a man finding his inner child again.
✎  Stills Of The Ride  ✎
✎  Storyboard  ✎
✎  Sketches  ✎
 ✎  Figurings in progress & Animation Test  ✎ 
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